Unexpected Places


Confession: I’ve had this skirt for MONTHS and this is my first time wearing it. I know what you may be thinking–but I don’t have THAT many clothes. I just wanted the “perfect” top to wear with it.

I purchased this skirt at my favorite “church lady” store in Greenville–Friendly Boutique (that my mom and I affectionately call by its former name–the Friendly Wig Shop). Yes, you can get suits and wigs in the same store (judge me not). Anyhoo, I would go in there with my mom when she shopped. But I never really looked for myself. Then one day, I was browsing for my mom and I saw a dress in my size. My mom was like “I like it. Try it on.” If you know my mom or if you’ve seen things she’s bought for me, you know her eye (at least where I am concerned) is killa! The dress was BOMB! And I became a Friendly Boutique Shopper.

Anyhoo, so this skirt was a Friendly Boutique purchase that had just been sitting around. I thought initially I wanted a white top/blouse to wear with it–but I couldn’t find anything I liked or that I thought would work. The Saturday before I decided to wear it, I went all over town looking for a top–with no luck.


Then I remembered I had a few black tops that I could “make work.” And this one from JCPenney worked really well because the chiffon in the cut outs blended with the chiffon in the skirt.


What’s so funny is the belt is from the first dress I purchased from the Friendly Boutique. It just all came together.


This is my favorite shot because it looks like I’m getting ready to shout LOL

These earrings are bae and bomb! I’ve had these earrings for years (as I do a lot of my accessories). When I wear a statement earring, I usually wear a more dainty necklace–unless it’s a longer necklace. My style is about proportion and allowing your eye to fall at strategic places.

I tell people all the time that I shop just about anywhere–including my closet. You can find style treasures in unexpected places.

What was your last style treasure you found in an unexpected place?

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