Signature Style: The Trendy Glam Manicure

For at least 5 years, I’ve worn the same type of manicure. I dubbed it


It was born from not being able to choose a nail polish color at one appointment. So I chose them all…and an element of my signature Style was born.

The Trendy Glam Manicure consists of:


The glitter nail reminds me to leave a little sparkle wherever I go. And to never let what’s going on around me to dull my shine.

The accent nail in a contrasting color is my reminder of standing out in a world that sometimes wants us to be the same.

Why blend in when you were born to stand out?

I usually consult my Manicures board on Pinterest for inspiration and choose colors that I think complement my skin tone.

Do you have a go to or signature manicure? If so, tell me what the color is in the comments.

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