Sweats and Chill

Sunnies: Gucci and Gifted (sounds like a rap song title doesn’t it?)

One of my favorite things to wear in fall and winter are sweatshirts and skirts!


Of course I initially got the idea from Pinterest…


Today’s Outfit Inspiration from Pinterest

But I have grown to love the mix of sporty and flirty; comfy and feminine.

Vest: Plato’s Closet | Sweatshirt and Shoes: Wal-Mart | Skirt: Stitchfix


People routinely sleep on Wal-Mart from a fashion perspective. I, however, am not one of them. I routinely walk through the clothes and accessories sections while grabbing some cereal or toiletries. I don’t think you have to necessarily spend a bunch of money to look stylish.



The sweatshirt is actually a men’s sweatshirt in a size Medium that cost a whopping $6! I wanted the sweatshirt to be a bit oversized like the outfit inspiration, so I chose a men’s cut rather than a women’s sweatshirt. I bought the booties after watching a Bougie on a Budget video on YouTube. They are surprisingly comfortable and a good heel height to wear casually as well as a bit more dressy.

Leave a comment below if you’re interested in a post on some Wal-Mart styling options…



You can also find more “sweatshirt and skirts” inspiration on my Pinterest board.


One of the things I love about this look is the blinged out necklace paired with the sweatshirt. This is so reminiscent of my Aunt Sadie’s style. She wore brooches with nylon windsuits and heels. Pairing a statement piece of jewelry with sweats is exactly something she (and now I) would do. 


Tonight was my friend’s/MUA/Brow Lady/Aesthetician, Necia owner of BAABS Boutique and Beauty Bar annual Black Friday Shopping Experience! 

Necia and I are both wearing BAABS Bloodberry…it’s limited and pretty much stays out of stock but keep check on the website


This event was everything! I didn’t get many photos or video because my phone was on 2% (kanye shrug), but I did manage to snag a photo with one of my favorites and MAC makeup artist Rasheeda…



You can check out a clip below… these are the kinds of carrying on I love when buying makeup and beauty products!



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  1. Shamere says:

    *Heads to your Pinterest board* I love this look, and I’m down for some Walmart inspo.

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