Soft But Strong

Skirt: H&M (similar skirt here)


“Soft but strong, she was hennessy in a teacup.”

~R. H. Sin

I love this quote! I know many of you are nodding and smiling–because this is a great description of you.

Jacket: Cato (similar jacket here)


I think a black motorcycle jacket should be a staple in everyone’s closet. It’s a great piece to transition summer dresses. Or pair it with leggings or jeans. A core principle of the Branded Style philosophy are to incorporate pieces that can be worn in multiple ways. Check out my Pinterest board for inspiration.



Copped this skirt on clearance at H&M…a whopping $7!!!! There appears to be a pretty great one on Amazon. The moto jacket takes the skirt from spring into fall. And guess what? I have a Pinterest board for this too!

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Necklace: Sassy Jones Boutique (similar)


Shoes: K&G (but these are just as cute)

Years ago, a blogger I followed said something that forever changed my fashion life…

Animal print is a neutral.

God’s Favorite Shoes

Shoes, Belts, Jackets–I wear leopard print with so many looks. It instantly jazzes up classic or monochromatic looks. I think everyone should have the following in leopard print:

You will be surprised at how much incorporating these pieces into your wardrobe will punch up your style

Hope this look inspires you to mix soft, feminine pieces with edgier pieces.


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