Printed to the Max

One style principle I live by is to have “uniforms.” These are looks that you know work well for your figure and your life and you feel great wearing it. 


One of my uniforms is a print skirt (usually in an African-inspired print) and some sort of top. I know a lot of  people usually wear an African print inspired maxi skirt with a denim shirt, which I did for this look. But honest, my looks with print skirts vary.


Sometimes I pair them with a graphic tee. Other times a jean jacket and tank. In colder months, it’s a turtleneck or long sleeve tee.



My mom purchased this skirt for me. #yayMom



I’ve had this bracelet since 2009. I hope you’re not tired of seeing it, because I sure am not tired of wearing it! LOL

If it ever breaks, I’ll be devastated.


And I’ve had the watch even longer…since about 2007. 

Do you have a uniform? A go-to look that you can wear in a hurry or when you don’t know what to wear and look fabulous? Leave a comment below with your uniform.

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