NFL Kickoff Sunday

Today was NFL Kickoff Sunday at church. You could wear your favorite team’s jersey and jeans.

But y’all know I am extra…

(exclusive photo of me laughing at how extra I am sometimes)


Decided to make a statement (in multiple ways) with today’s look.

My Nike shirt was for a couple of reasons. The primary reason being the recently launched #Strongest campaign by NBA Superstar Lebron James in anticipation of his latest sneaker! This campaign featuring everyone from his mom, wife, and daughter to the great tennis iconic legend Serena Williams celebrates the resiliency, strength, power and prowess of black women (you can check the full POWERHOUSE list here). And I’m here for it.

With the climate of the entire country and the polarizing issues within the National Football League (NFL), I decided to remind people that Nike is the official game day apparel provider–a contract that was recently extended another 8 years this year. And on top of that, Colin Kapernick is the face of the Nike (TM) #JustDoIt Campaign!

With all this #BlackExcellence happening, how Could I NOT wear this shirt?


The skirt is from my mommy. If I’ve never told you, my mom shops for me almost a little better than I do. Her eye (especially when it comes to me) is uncanny. When I put on the skirt I was like, “Mommy strikes (gold) again!”

Graphic tees and skirts are one of my “uniforms.” When in doubt, this is one of the combinations I fall back on. And that’s what ended up happening for NFL Kickoff Sunday. I wasn’t sure what to wear, so I said, “let me find a t-shirt and throw on a skirt.”

And yes, it has POCKETS! 

When people ask me about my “style” (that word still unnerves me), I tell them two things

  1. Pinterest dresses me
  2. I find a style look that works for me, rinse and repeat.

And when it comes to life, style, and fashion, the statement on my shirt is sometimes the thing that we have to do —just do it.


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