Green Means You’re Growing


Ray Kroc says, “Green means you’re growing.” With the season I am currently in, I should be a mighty Sequoia when it’s all said and done LOL. The second half of this quote says, “When you’re ripe, you rot.” #whew

Hence my love for being a lifelong learner and understanding that no matter how much I can learn and grow, I can always learn and grow more. When we think we have arrived or we know all we need to know, we begin to diminish in the fruit we bear–and eventually our attitudes, our outcomes, and our thoughts become rotten and stink.

We’ve often given “being green” a negative connotation and dismiss the opinions of those we view as green. But think about when you first embarked on something you were passionate about–you consumed any and all information about it, right? This is an attitude and practice we should continue to maintain.

There is so much we can “outsource” in our brands and business–except our on personal development.

I received this sweater as a gift many years ago. On a side note, you should know I tend to keep my clothes LOL. Anyhoo, it’s a little big now and the tie doesn’t “do right” so I left it open. There is a cute one on Amazon that has decent reviews.

I love longer sweaters in the colder months because they can add a layer of warmth and they still look great with jeans, leggings, or skirts (especially pencil skirts).




Shoes: Target


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Necklace: Aldo


Lips: Malinda by BAABS Beauty



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