Camo Chic

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know I LOVE CAMO!

It started some time ago with one pair of Camo cargo pants that I purchased from an online retailer…

Circa 2010…

And boom…I was in love!

I believe the cargo pants I own are sized for men. So they are a lil baggy, which I don’t mind. I just have to be mindful of the fit and proportions up top so I don’t end up looking frumpy. If you want to try some cargo pants, but are uncertain about the fit of a women’s cut, I do recommend going with men’s sizing. You can find a pair here.

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Started from the bottoms, now we’re here…

I literally could wear this Camo anorak jacket from Old Navy every week (I probably do). The versatility of this jacket is amazing!!!

T-shirt: Wal-Mart

You can find a camo jacket option here

Liquid Leggings: Cato’s (similar option)

Another cute option at JCPenney here (with a plus sized option as well)

I’ve slowly added to my Camo wardrobe over the years.

Shorts: Old Navy (men’s section)

similar ones here

Skirt: J. Bolin (no longer available but you can find virtually the same one on Amazon)

Jacket: StitchFix

Sweatshirt: StitchFix

Joggers: Family Dollar (men’s section) | Top: Target

Here are some super cute joggers on Amazon

Skinny pants: Costco (yep, the same place you get 500 rolls of toilet paper)

One of the things I love about Camo print is how well it goes with so many colors. You can even pattern mix with Camo print…

If you want to add Camo print items to your wardrobe, but are not sure what to add, here are some suggestions…

5 Camo Items to Incorporate Into Your Wardrobe

I am ready to add a couple of shirts and a headwrap to my wardrobe.

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This blog post contains affiliate links. It is no additional cost to you, but I do earn commission on any purchases you may make.
I appreciate your support. Teamwork makes the dream work!

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