About Adeea

Can you relate?


I created Branded Style because I spent way too many days doing this…

I created Branded Style for women who want to express their style in their
brand or business–but not spend a lot of time doing it.

Building my brand as a Natural Hair YouTuber back in the 99 and early 2000’s (in my Cash Money voice), I received invitations to attend, speak at, or host events. I wanted a unique wardrobe and to express my style, but I didn’t always have the funds to do either.

In 2012, I created an event called International Natural Hair Meetup Day (INHMD) where live natural hair events were held all over the world.

As my brand grew, so did the number of events. There were times where I had multiple events in the same day or in the same weekend or on back-to-back weekends. I wanted my wardrobe to expand as my brand and business was expanding.

But sometimes my wallet objected!

I read countless blogs, bought fashion books, and scoured fashion magazines to discover a style that communicated who I was and wanted to be as brand.

I created Branded Style as a resource for purpose-driven women to
create their own signature style.

Tons of reading and failed outfits later, I’ve discovered some principles and techniques that will help busy women entrepreneurs and purpose driven women discover their own sense of style.

This style statement can also serve as an unspoken “how you doing?” about their brand or business.

Yes, there are many fashion and style blogs, pages, and social media channels. But sometimes it can be difficult to find your own personal style. I’ve spent the last decade developing principles for women to create their own signature style.

I created branded style to serve as a style resource for women who run between meetings, work, church, family events, and nights out with friends. 

I am not a fashion stylist or image consultant.

I am simply a woman with places to go, people to see and things to do—
and I want to feel and look good doing it. 

If you can relate, I’d love for you to do the following…


Let's face it--we as women are busy. I mean BUUUSSSYYY! Spouses. Children. Parents. Siblings. Girlfriends. Careers. Businesses. Side Hustles. Church. Sororities. Charities. Tired yet?!?!? Told you--we're busy! While we know we're busy--we also want to look good while doing it. For some of us, style comes easy. For others, not so much. Branded Style is designed to give you inspiration and information to curate a wardrobe that is easier to maintain and you're excited to wear! Whether you sometimes have so many stylish options you struggle with what to wear or you feel you don't have a solid sense of style--there is something for you at Branded Style!